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Our History
​SOS Music Entertainment has served as one of the best of the best Music and Entertainment services for more than 25 years.  As a former CFO, Executive Director of Radio for NiteLine Radio, DJ Manager in the Northeast region of the United States , Show Host, Radio DJ, Audio Engineer and Producer of live radio shows, Sergio a.k.a DJ SOS has proven his knowledge-based experience and professionalism in the music and entertainment industry.  SOS Music Entertainment has provided music services for numerous international & national parades like the Nigerian Parade in New York City (Manhattan), the Brooklyn Puerto Rican Day Parade (Brooklyn, NY), & the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade "La Borinqueña" 2 years in a row (Bronx, NY). We've also participated and hosted a number of fundraiser events like American Cancer Society's "Relay For life" & ACS's "Strides Against Breast Cancer" to name a few.  We've also served at corporate events for businesses including WellCare of New York, VSNY, Neighborhood Health Providers, Royal Healthcare & AVALON.  We've proudly provided music entertainment for the United Nations' event "UNAOC-EF" World Leader in International Education, where students from 50 different countries traveled to NYC for international education and celebrated their Graduation/Prom with our SOS Music Entertainment company as their form of entertainment.  Rest assured that we will provide you with the best music entertainment!
​What does the "SOS" in SOS Music Entertainment stand for?
The "SOS" in SOS Music Entertainment stands for Sound Of Serge.  Hence, Sounds Of Serge Music Entertainment. What does this entitle?  Please read on the "Our Philosophy" Section of this page. ;-)
Our Philosophy

It's a Family Affair!


SOS Music Entertainment is a family owned family oriented DJ and Entertainment company.  We pay close attention to the song lyrics and themes and filter out those songs that may be objectionable.  Many years of experience with the music industry and performing for groups with strict musical standards (such as religious groups and elementary schools) makes this level of filtering possible.  We play music with clean edits or "radio" versions which clean up or edit out some of the words so that they can be played on the radio.  Other songs can be custom made and edited by our very own music producer DJ SOS.  We play "safe" choices from all genres of music! From 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's and today's current music played on FM radio stations like Z100, 103.5FM KTU, 106.1FM WBLI (Long Island), 105.3FM Party 105 (Long Island), we have it all!  And we make sure that guests of all ages are happy with what's played.  We encourage a "Your Party (Wedding, Anniversary, Shower, Graduation, etc...) - Your Way", which means we welcome your music choices and adapt it to our Family-Friendly DJ party experience.  From Our Family to yours, WELCOME to the SOS Music Entertainment Family Affair!  (Sí! Hablamos español!) We're Fluent in Spanish and will take care of all your Latin Parties! 


Genres of Music

SOS Music Entertainment is proud to present our many genres of music at our disposal in our large library of songs including:


Motown   Swing Music    R&B   Rap   Clean HipHop    Soul/Funk 

Disco        Soca/Calypso   Reggae       House Music      Freestyle 

Rock/Alternative     Top 40    Country    Drum&Bass    Dance

Italian    French    Russian     Greek    Mediterranean    Bhangra         Indian Pop         Chinese        Korean        Japanese        Nigerian

Salsa      Merengue      Típico      Bachata     Cumbia     Vallenato   Reggaeton      Latin House      Rock Latino    Bolero     Tango

Oldies    Jazz     Blues     Old School R&B     Children's (Kid's Bop)

50's          60's          70's         80's         90's        2000's   




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